How to Make Yahoo My Homepage in Chrome, Edge, Internet Explorer, Safari

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Are you a Yahoo search engine lover and want to make Yahoo your homepage? We know the Yahoo search engine is very popular especially in the United States.

Before proceeding further, you must have your favorite web browser on which you want to set Yahoo as the homepage. It could be chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer or Edge.

Therefore we have explained step by step procedures to set up the Yahoo homepage on all the web browsers with the help of curated images.

Make Yahoo Homepage on Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer (IE) is one of the oldest browsers and still many users prefer to use it. Personally, I have noticed, in banking, Internet Explorer is preferred due to its robust security. Simple steps involved in setting up Yahoo as the home page on IE.

STEP 1: Open Internet Explorer browser, click on the setting on the right top corner of the browser and select Internet Options.

STEP 2: A pop up will appear in the Internet Options with many options but you just need to type “” at the given place over there and click on “apply” and finally click on “OK” button.

STEP 3: Again go to the right top corner and click on the home button and see if you are getting the Yahoo homepage, now you are ready to enjoy yahoo as your homepage.

Make Yahoo Homepage on Chrome

Google Chrome is one of the most used browsers in almost everywhere due to its awesome features and clean user interface. Even I’m using Chrome while writing this article.

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STEP1: Open your Google Chrome browser and click on the option shown on the top right corner in the chrome browser and a pop up will appear there, select and click on the setting on the popped window.

STEP 2: On this new window, scroll down to the “appearance” section, enable “Show Home Button” option. For reference, see the image shown below.

enable chrome show home button option

STEP 3: Select “custom web address” option and type “” in the address bar, that’s it. Now you are ready to use your favorite yahoo homepage in the chrome browser.

Make Yahoo Homepage on Edge

There’s already the most popular web browser available but Microsoft’s Edge browser made a respectable market share due to hybrid features of the browser in it. Source says edge is the combination of other browsers. Setting the Yahoo homepage is very easy in the Edge browser as the other two we have mentioned above.

STEP 1: Open your Edge browser and click on the right top corner on the dotted (…) option and select “setting” from the popped out window.

STEP 2: When you click on the “setting”, select “A specific page or pages” on the “Open Microsoft Edge with” section, type “” on the text bar and finally click on the save button.

Make Yahoo Homepage on Safari

Long ago, I have been using the Safari browser on my MAC and I can say Safari is the lightweight browser with some of the great features. When it comes to setup yahoo homepage on Safari, it takes only 1-2 steps and you own yahoo homepage with you.

STEP 1: Open Safari browser and click on the right top corner on the Safari browser, click on the “setting” and select “preferences”.

STEP 2: When you click on the “preferences”, a new popped window will appear there, on the homepage section, type “” and you are ready to go.

As you can see, setting up the yahoo homepage become so easy that it can be done by anyone as per their needs. Note that, you can change at any time. You just need to follow the same procedure.

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