Why, or Send You To

Why “”, “” or “” send you to

Top Reasons:

  • Customer Typo Error
  • Security- Hacker intentionally create a similar website is the largest E-commerce website and it has a very high volume of traffic every day. There are many reasons to redirect to from the different domain names of similar.

Go to Amazon Official Website Here Directly

Securing customer information is not an easy task for such a large customer base. Hackers look for the loophole from where they can steal customer’s personal details in this digital world.

Suppose you want to buy an Apple product from amazon and mistakenly, you have typo error of the amazon domain name and it takes you to hackers website instead of the official Amazon website, which is more or less the same kind appearance.

Now, you proceed to complete the order and you enter all the details such as an address, phone number, credit card details, name, etc and finally, you are in a trap.

That’s why Amazon had purchased almost all the domains, which sounds similar to amazon.

How You Can Identify Official Amazon Website?

  • Check the domain name, it should be
  • Check the website rank, it should be 2-5 in the US.

Please comment if there are any other ways to identify the official amazon website.

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